Creating a video in the Middle of a Pandemic

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Let me tell you how we helped a new business get their initial video and website in the middle of world pandemic. The P.L.A.Y School incorporated and is rebranding with a new name, logo and location, unfortunately the pandemic has changed many of their plans and they have been doing it remotely. But they still wanted to tell their story and needed assistance in putting a video and website to launch their new adventure.

Our first thought was, OF COURSE WE CAN HELP; our second thought was: let me get my crew together, film this and that, then we edit and you have a “banging” new video. But back to that pandemic thing…We had no access to their business!! We had to come out with a different plan. We started with a new website, it needed to stand out, look fun, but professional and be versatile enough to put all their ideas in one place. They had all their info pretty organized, so we just needed to translate that into their new site.

Check it out,, we think it does the work!

But back to the video… So you are a school for young children with a “Learn through Play” curriculum, and we can’t have access to show that? WHAT?!?!? Ok, Ok, I’m glad you have fun pictures and home videos you can get us, but we need something more. Then we realized, that yes, they were a new business, with a new name, new location, etc… But they are not new at this. They have an excellent track record as an award winning pre-school in Palm Beach County… Got it! WE NEED A TESTIMONIAL VIDEO, that validates who they are.

But in times of “social distancing”, we still couldn’t film the people we needed, so we had to pivot again, we had to PRODUCE and DIRECT this video remotely… “Parents and kids, this is what you need to do:”- Self record yourselves telling something that you love the most about The P.L.A.Y school, – Please don’t have a really bright light behind you, – Make sure we can hear you, – Please record horizontally (IT ALWAYS LOOK BETTER THAN VERTICALLY)- Use 4k if you have that in your phone, etc, etc… Once the parents got their instructions they got to work, sent us their own videos and after reviewing their amazing film work, we put together this cool video to show how amazing this program has been and will continue to be with their new changes.

Thank you to all the amateur videographers, actors and writers, who became our “professionals” during this project. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Let’s welcome The P.L.A.Y School to Delray!